My Steel Pans

Whether you are new to the Steel Pan art form or an experienced professional, you will eventually find yourself or your institution in need of or desiring services in addition to products. I provide comprehensive services including tuning/blending and repairs. I also provide professional classroom presentations and even more extensive Artist-in-Residence programs for any type of school or institution. My years of expericence can assist you in the growth and maintenance of your program! Call for a consultation.

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Tuning Steel Pans

I offer comprehensive tuning services for all steel pan voices in all styles of tuning. Rush orders can be shipped or brought in to the workshop. Most orders can be shipped back within 48 hours of receipt unless otherwise specified. Once your instrument is received I can determine the work that needs to be accomplished and provide you with my best estimate of the cost.

Most individual instruments will fall into the standard tuning fee of $150.00. With severely damaged and/or out of tune instruments, the cost will be $75.00 per hour. Whether your pan needs a tuning touch up or major work, you can be sure I will provide you with the highest quality service.

I offer on-site tuning services to schools and institutions with large ensembles. My full band tuning rate is $700.00 per ensemble. Severe damage/tuning will cost extra.

Steel Pan Maintenance

I now offer an on-site instrument maintenance service for schools and institutions with large ensembles. The cost is $250.00 and includes:

  • minor rust touch-up (major rust removal can be negotiated)
  • re-hanging of pans as needed
  • refurbishing of sticks with tips and grips as needed
  • cleaning/polishing of chrome pans

Classroom Presentation

I am available for classroom presentations. Educators know the importance of connecting their students to a primary resource when dealing with multicultural subjects. I often do presentations on the following topics:

  • the making of steel pans
  • the history of the pan movement
  • panorama and carnival
  • teaching an arrangement to the class in the style of pan yards

Contact me if you have something additional in mind. I am sure I can accomodate your needs!

Artist in Residence

I am available for extended stay Artist-in-Residence programs involving teaching pan to students and staff within a school or institutional setting. Price will depend on the time frame, room and board, and travel costs. Standard is 20 school days for $3,500.00.


I am available for consulting, especially in regards to establishing a steel pan program within the curriculum of a school and all that this entails: selecting pans, maintaining pans, storage and transportation, repair, rehearsal, performance, curriculum and grading, and resources.

The initial consultation is free. If you determine you wish to talk more or have a face to face consultation, the fee is $50.00 per hour.